Thanks for your interest in applying for membership with CarShare Vermont.

To ensure a timely application process, please complete all required fields in the form below. If you have any questions during this process, please call us at (802) 861-2340. Information about our Business Membership rates can also be found here.

Once you have completed this application on behalf of your business, please invite each of your employees (who plan to drive) to fill out the Employee Driver Application. Employees also have the choice to simultaneously set up a separate FREE account for their personal trips by submitting a Dual Driver Application. This conveniently allows employees to use CarShare Vermont for their work or personal use and get billed accordingly. Please remember that every employee who plans to drive needs to submit an employee application so we can verify driving records.

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New Applicant - Member Application Form: Organizations

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Organization Contact Information
Payment Information
Credit Card Information
  • You must have a credit card to be eligible for CarShare Vermont membership. An authorization (not a charge) of $1.00 will be attempted on the credit card you submit below simply to verify that it is valid.

Payment Method: Credit Card

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Check this box if your Credit Card Address is different from your Primary Address
All billing for business accounts will be invoiced at the end of each month. If you are paying by check, we appreciate your prompt payment.
Deductible Waiver Program (Click here for more information)
Terms and Conditions

By Enrolling in the Deductible Waiver Program I understand that:

  • I must report any damage that occurs during my reservation immediately by calling the CarShare Vermont Emergency Line at 802-999-2006
  • To be eligible I must remain a member in good standing by not violating the Member Handbook and be current on all driving estimate payments and/or monthly invoice payments;
  • I am not purchasing, nor is CarShare Vermont selling, insurance through this agreement;
  • Only the Account Authority can enrol in the Annual Deductible Waiver Program;
  • Enrolment in the Annual Deductible Program applies to all drivers on an account; there is a $45 charge for each driver;
  • The Hourly Option is also available to a member who has already used their once per year benefit while enrolled in the Annual Option.

The Deductible Waiver Program does NOT include any loss arising directly or indirectly from:

  • Unreported Damage to a CarShare Vermont vehicle or another party’s vehicle;
  • Damage caused to a vehicle when a CarShare Vermont driver fails to stop and properly report an accident (hit and run)
  • Members whose account is not up to date or who have an overdue payment;
  • Members who falsify or provide misleading information to CarShare Vermont staff investigating damage to a CarShare Vermont vehicle
  • Damage that occurs prior to signing up for the Program
  • Intentional damage to a vehicle by a member
  • Fees or Penalties you incur according to the Member Handbook
  • Any violation of the Member Handbook
Referrals and Promotions

Applying to CarShare Vermont for a business membership is the first step toward setting up your account. You and your employees are not eligible to drive a CarShare Vermont vehicle until each individual employee has been approved as a member.

By submitting this application,
  1. I certify that everything stated in this application is true to the best of my knowledge, and that I am authorized to sign for and make legal commitments for the organization or business named.
  2. I understand that CarShare Vermont is authorized to retain this information whether or not my application is approved.
  3. It is agreed that the organization will be bound by this application.
  4. It is agreed that the organization will be responsible for all monthly charges that are incurred on this account by those employees or associates who enroll as members or drivers under this business account.
  5. It is agreed that the organization and all members of this business account will be bound by the terms and conditions of membership as set forth in the CarShare Vermont Membership Handbook and Member Agreement.
I understand and accept

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